Bicester Box League - Guidelines
  • Each Box League Division consists of four members, initially picked at random (but as the League progresses the Divisions will reflect your playing level).
  • Matches are played, approximately one round each month .
  • The four players should agree a mutually convenient time to play the three sets (but please check court availability in the normal way).
  • The format is to play a doubles set with each player against an opposing pair, you then swap partners and play the second set then swap again to play the third (see scoring).
  • Players spin racquets or toss a coin to see who plays with who for the first set and again at the start of the second set and so on.
  • At 6-6 a normal tie break should be played. (First to 7 points with two clear points).
  • In each box, the player with the highest score will earn promotion, the player with the lowest score will be relegated, the other two will stay put (see scoring).
  • In the event of a tie for the top two or bottom two places (i.e. who should be promoted or relegated) there will be a play off between the two players.
  • Subsitutes can be used if a player is unable to play - it is the players responsibility to find your own sub.
  • Subsitutes can only score a maximum of 10 points.
  • You may find it useful to download and print a blank form so you can record your scores - there's one here
  • Results should be uploaded via the form on the website, or emailed to Nick.
  • Updated Leagues will be emailed to participants, posted on this website and pinned on the club notice board monthly.
  • Any division not completing their Box League match by the deadline will send their group straight to the bottom division!

    Nick Adams
    Box League Bloke