Bicester Box League - Scoring

The format is to play one doubles set with each player, swap partners to play another set then swap again for a third and final set. Add up your individual game scores. The player with the most games is promoted, the one with the lowest goes down a division.

For example the players in Division 2 are Andy, Heather, Novak and Maria.

After spinning racquets Andy and Heather play Novak and Maria and beat them 6-3.

They then swap partners Andy and Novak beating Heather and Maria 6-1 after which they swap again with Andy and Maria winning 6-2 against their opponents, Novak and Heather.

This is how the scoring would look:

Division 2

  Andy Heather Novak Maria
 SET 1 6 6 3 3
 SET 2 6 1 6 1
 SET 3 6 2 2 6
 TOTALS 18 9 11 10
Promoted Relegated Stay Stay

So Andy goes up to play in Division 1 next month, Heather plays in Division 3, Maria and Novak stay in Division 2 to be joined by the winner of Division 3 and the player coming bottom of Division 1.

You may find it useful to download and print a blank form so you can record your scores - there's one here.

Nick Adams
Box League Bloke